Stephanie & Charlie

We feel in love with this family the first time we met with them! From the beginning, Stephanie and her fabulous mom Kristi talked about the fun they wanted their guests to have at the reception. They wanted small personal touches throughout the wedding, which makes planning so fun. Once the day came, we were ready for a party! Stephanie looked beautiful, her dad got to dance his heart out (which he is known for and is a fabulous dancer!) and the guests had a blast. One of our favorite things about this wedding was the charm that was so evident throughout. They are a fun, beloved family who love the little things in life. The neatest thing was that Stephanie had her mom’s wedding dress cut off and wore it at the end of the reception. It was gorgeous! Both Stephanie and Charlie went to UT so it was only fitting they drove away in an old car with horns on the front. Their wedding was an all time favorite. We love this family so much and it was a blast getting to know them.

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